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Conway's Revenge

Languages: Actionscript
Summary: My entry for Ludum Dare #24
Source code: github [.tar.gz / .zip]


My entry for Ludum Dare #24, with the theme of Evolution, is the game Conway’s Revenge. Play it here! Here is the official Ludum Dare entry page.

It is essentially Conway’s Game of Life modified to work with multiple opposing teams of cellular automata. The rules of reproduction have been tweaked to make the game more interesting and ‘game-like’ by preventing deadlock scenarios and making sure it’s not too hard to get your cells to grow and expand.

It has three game modes planned, two of which are implemented:

  1. Campaign - A set of puzzle levels where you face off against progressively more difficult enemy formations (unimplemented).
  2. Battle Royale - A bloody melee between four different teams of cellular automata. The grid is initialized with a random pattern, perfect for conflict!
  3. Sandbox - A blank slate for you to explore and test your own creations with up to four different teams.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

I also made a couple of blog posts about this project while working my way through:

  1. One at the halfway mark
  2. A post-mortem at the end

Just in case you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes look!

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